• How You See Can Change Your Life.

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    The movie unfolds in three chapters as follows:


    Chapter 1: Decoding Mindfulness

    Defines what mindlessness and mindfulness is and how the neuroscience and concept of neuroplasticity play into the practice.


    Chapter 2: Journey to Mindfulness

    Takes you on a journey of eight lessons learned from mindfulness—like the art of not-trying, increasing awareness, not identifying with your thoughts, the choice of being mindful or mindless, noticing new things, the solution to ego, stress, and mindful eating.


    Chapter 3: Stories of Mindfulness

    Takes us on an emotional journey discovering how the practice is being used by the military and teen groups around the world. The movie concludes with Jon Kabat-Zinn calls for us to “grow down and become planetary adults.”

    Our goal was to create a completely secular film for the general public audience that have no background in mindfulness. A fun, easy to understand film where they can walk away with at least one or two golden nuggets to apply immediately.


    Host a screening of The Mindfulness Movie

    Schools, corporations, organizations, prisons, private groups, sport teams, medical facilities, and everyday people are using mindfulness today.

    Leading scientific and medical experts are turning their attention to the
    art and practice of mindfulness—something every human being on this planet has at their
    disposal for free. It’s a tool that has proven a powerful healing and life-balancing
    therapy for centuries, and is now one that modern medical science has demonstrated
    has significant health benefits for the mind and body. It’s also a powerful tool for
    encouraging compassion in our world.

    What are the costs of a screening?

    First, you must purchase Public Performance Rights. There are a three different licenses
    available – each of the fees below grant you single-use public performance rights, and we will help guide you through the screening process:

    Purchase BUSINESS-PRIVATE Screening: $145

    Purchase STUDENT-SCHOOL Screening: $95

    Purchase NON-PROFIT (501c3) $50



    Spread the word about mindfulness; educating and learning while being entertained.


    Any school auditorium, large classroom, community room, meeting room, or corporate lounge is all possible places to host your screening. A screen and projector or large TV is all that is needed. Even a local movie theater may donate screen time or host the film


    The Mindfulness Movie is just over an hour, so even at a lunch break can be a great time to host your screening or during a class, at the end of a meeting, or even before a special service.


    If you are a university or college, then cater your screening to students, but parents and faculty should also be welcome to check it out. In a corporate setting, train you leaders first with discussion after and then host another screening for the staff. Try to grow your screening into a large event, social media, emails, and flyers can be used to help advertise.

    Host a discussion after the movie

    Make sure you hold a discussion about the movie where everyone voices their opinions on the topic. You can have a list of questions prepared that relate to the movie.

    Before everyone goes home for the night, give them the option to leave their name and e-mail. You may want to also provide them with a simple fact sheet on mindfulness.

    Remember everyone’s opinion is important!

    What about charging an admission fee?

    You can charge an admission fee or not. It’s entirely up to you.



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