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    Paul Harrison - director of The Mindfulness Movie

    THE FILMMAKER: Paul Harrison, AIA

    PAUL HARRISON, AIA, is a gifted author, architect, filmmaker, speaker and innovative leader in the field of prevention and wellness at the corporate, business and individual levels has introduced mindfulness as a effective and stress reducing tool to corporations, business and individuals. Paul’s passionate devotion to the practice of mindfulness, has inspired him to bring this philosophy to the world at large.

    He is the author of Where’s My Zen? and The Ten Paradoxes: The Science of Where’s My Zen? written under Paul’s pen name.

    And now the original film about mindfulness: The Mindfulness Movie.

    Paul’s philosophy to mindfulness is that education and practice should go hand-in-hand. Knowing the powerful changes individuals can make to become healthier, happier, and more compassionate through mindful living—and the effect this can have on a nation…and the world—he’s excited to spread the message and positive results of mindfulness to enhance every day moments for everyone and reduce mindless living.

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