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The Ego Can Blind Us

The Ego Can Blind Us, it’s more obvious in some than others… In a recent interview, Larry King likes Donald Trump. “I’ve always liked him personally,” the legendary television host told Fortune in a recent interview. “I’ve read some terrible things that I’m sad about, but he’s never done anything bad to me.” Still, King has mixed […]

My Wife Hardly Mucks Up

November 2017 Blog Tired of Feeling All Mucked Up All the Time True Story My wife is really good at getting “up from the muck.” It’s a lesson I learn from her over and over. She’s a Mennonite from Kansas, and now a free-spirited L.A. gal who somehow can live just above the big city […]

Star from THE SECRET and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Coach

Star of The Secret and Leonardo DiCaprio’s advisor share a word about mindfulness My friend Jeffrey Schwartz M.D. who advised Leonardo DiCaprio in The Aviator (2004) and I worked on the emotional color wheel that was used in the following scene of The Mindfulness Movie. Fred Alan Wolf, physicist, who starred in the runaway hit The Secret and […]

Mindfulness and Attachment, Sex, and Love

Remember the Ten Paradoxes, well here’s another side to Paradox 8: With attachment, work. Without attachment, play. The most common meaning is unhealthful stress and attachment makes everything hard work and sometimes really difficult! When attachments are healthy; it’s really no hard work at all, time flies, and we can learn to play again with […]

Yoda and The Ten Paradoxes

This is the third part in a series about discovering The Ten Paradoxes in the famous quotes and sayings of very important icons of our time. In this post, I discuss the mysterious connection between the ancient Tao Te Ching and the modern day mythology of Star Wars, as discussed in Kreger’s book The Tao of Yoda.