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    The Ego Can Blind Us

    The Ego Can Blind Us, it’s more obvious in some than others… In a recent interview, Larry King likes Donald Trump. “I’ve always liked him personally,” the legendary television host told Fortune in a recent interview. “I’ve read some terrible things that I’m sad about, but he’s never done anything bad to me.” Still, King has mixed feelings about the billionaire’s ascent to the White House. “Donald is a complicated character,” King says. “His ego is beyond egoism. I’ve never met anyone with a higher ego.” The Voters for Trump SNL skit was hilarious and scary…Facing the harsh reality of who we are

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    My Wife Hardly Mucks Up

    November 2017 Blog Tired of Feeling All Mucked Up All the Time True Story My wife is really good at getting “up from the muck.” It’s a lesson I learn from her over and over. She’s a Mennonite from Kansas, and now a free-spirited L.A. gal who somehow can live just above the big city muck! Her upbringing has trained her to always see the good and not dwell in the bad. Simple, right? Maybe. We’ve known each other 7 years, and I can—at this point—tell the positive from the negative of her “up from the muck” approach. The good far outweighs

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    Star from THE SECRET and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Coach

    Star of The Secret and Leonardo DiCaprio’s advisor share a word about mindfulness My friend Jeffrey Schwartz M.D. who advised Leonardo DiCaprio in The Aviator (2004) and I worked on the emotional color wheel that was used in the following scene of The Mindfulness Movie. Fred Alan Wolf, physicist, who starred in the runaway hit The Secret and What The Bleep Do We Know!? describes the colors of I. (click the image below to watch). Separating awareness from emotional attachment is very difficult, it can be done with practice. We do this by changing the autopilot loop of mindlessness to mindfulness. When we

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    Anxious About Dying? Beyond Mindfulness

    Anxious About Dying? There’s a very enlightening scene in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) between McCoy (the Doc) and Spock. In the previous film, Spock had died and then was mysteriously regenerated by a device called Genesis. It was detonated on the planet where Spock was buried. McCoy is curious and wants to share Spock’s experience of death, here’s the scene: McCoy: Perhaps, we could cover a little philosophical ground. Life. Death. Life. [Pause] McCoy: Things of that nature. Spock: I did not have time on Vulcan to review the philosophical disciplines. McCoy: C’mon, Spock, it’s me, McCoy. You really

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    Mindfulness and Attachment, Sex, and Love

    Remember the Ten Paradoxes, well here’s another side to Paradox 8: With attachment, work. Without attachment, play. The most common meaning is unhealthful stress and attachment makes everything hard work and sometimes really difficult! When attachments are healthy; it’s really no hard work at all, time flies, and we can learn to play again with those we love, work with, friends, and others in our lives. … “the place where attachment and stress overlap: distressed relationships. In the previous chapter I mentioned John Gottman’s stories from women in abusive relationships, who said that some of the best sex followed immediately

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    Yoda and The Ten Paradoxes

    This is the third part in a series about discovering The Ten Paradoxes in the famous quotes and sayings of very important icons of our time. In this post, I discuss the mysterious connection between the ancient Tao Te Ching and the modern day mythology of Star Wars, as discussed in Kreger’s book The Tao of Yoda.

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