How You See Can Change Your Life.


Don’t waste your precious time…

I was walking this morning with my dog, Kokoa, and stopped to talk with a neighbor. The tears ran down her face as she described the sad event of her husband dying a couple of years ago. She recalled a story of how they ended up in an argument—while he was cooking her dinner—over her calling a shallot an onion. She told me, “It’s so sad how sometimes we mindlessly argue over something with our loved ones or partners. It’s a ridiculous waste of our precious time together.”

What the world needs now, is not just love sweet love, but a little sprinkle of mindfulness and a dash of less mindlessness. I got inspired and went home and wrote this poem to my beautiful wife, Lori. She said it was “one of your best ever” and wanted me to share it:

We have only this moment

And sometimes when it’s too late

We realize the ridiculousness

Of arguing away these precious moments…

We spend together.


Great differences

Can be merely small fissures

Or Grand Canyons

In the rich mountains of love.

The latter is insurmountable

And the other requires a simple bridge…

We can build together.


No one can experience

The weathered mountains of love

Ignorant of the canyons and fissures

Their existence is undeniable in lovers

Yet, the love that last

Is forged from lovers that realize

That both sides of the great canyons

Are merely the same…

When we see together.


Our love can transcend

The mountain of love

When we realize we are the mountain itself

And we are not separated by its canyons

For even at the base of this great canyon

The mountain is one and the same again

It is only an illusion of separateness

We can dispel…

When we join together.


Let’s enjoy our moments together

Let’s build the needed bridges together

Let’s simply “see” together

Let’s forever join in love together.


I love you, Lori.