• How You See Can Change Your Life.

    Are we paying attention?

    What happens when you are stuck in a bad relationship, maybe with a partner, a friend, or someone else? No matter what you do, you just can’t seem to improve it. Worse, you have become habituated to the negative patterns and you rationalize it as just being normal. Yet, year after year, you are hurt psychologically and it effects you physically. You are mindless to the continue onslaught of stress and are more and more numb to its effects. Unfortunately, you are probably more likely to die according to recent studies…

    “In your everyday life, do you experience conflicts with any of the following people?”
    Other family

    A Danish health survey asked almost 10,000 people between ages 36 and 52 to answer, “always,” “often,” “sometimes,” “seldom,” or “never” for their applicable relationships.

    Eleven years later, 422 of them were no longer living. That’s a typical number. What’s compelling, Rikke Lund and her colleagues at University of Copenhagen say, is that the people who answered “always” or “often” in any of these cases were two to three times more likely to be among the dead. (And the deaths were from standard causes: cancer, heart disease, alcohol-related liver disease, etc.—not murder. Were you thinking murder?) Read entire article